In a Nutshell:

In a Nutshell: things we have forgotten,

and ought not to have.

* “Everyone singing their own song” creates disharmony and cacophony.

* Living by discarding, getting anew, using, discarding again and once more getting anew, makes of us exploiters, Consumers, estranged from both the past and the old we have discarded and from the present and future that we will in time discard.

* In refusing to trust until given cause to, by evidence, we treat all as guilty (of being fool or fraud) until proven innocent (by evidence proffered). Encouraging doubt and questioning corrodes the bonds between people and across generations.

All of these are things that fragment, spoil, destabilise and alienate. They are things of chaos, that lead to a wasteland of desolation and ruin.

* Everyone singing their part in a greater song, which sets the order and pattern that is acquiesced to, brings harmony and accord.

* When we inherit, hold-in-trust, cherish, and bequeath unchanged to those who will do the same, our values, roles, standards, purposes, institutions, property, identity and beliefs, it makes of us Custodians and servants of a cyclic continuity in which we are intimately connected to the past, the future and each other.

* In trusting until given cause not to (by the repudiating or contradicting of such trusting or its fruits), we treat people as innocent until proven guilty. The encouraging of such trust re-enforces the bonds within society, between people and across generations.

All of these are things which stabilise, secure, marry and unite. They are things of wholeness, of accord, and of peace; in that real peace, in keeping with its common origin with pact, “agreement”, is the presence of a uniting accord and not simply the absence of conflict indicative of the false peace of pacifism – the latter being a condition that is as often found in apathy or annihilation as in accord.


About faithnotdoubt

Spent too much time seeking wisdom, when what I needed was just enough of it to realise that it was faith I should have been seeking!
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